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System Audio aura 10

Special Price 390,00 €

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Monipuolinen yleiskaiutin kaikelle musiikille. Erinomainen keskikaiuttimeksi.

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Special Price 390,00 €

Regular Price: 490,00 €




Incredible sound from a small speaker


SA aura 10 is designed for people who hear all kinds of music and who wants speakers that can bring the music fully into their home.

Use SA aura 10 together with a music system of a good quality and you will be amazed at its incredibly pure sound. The clean sound makes even background music a pleasure listening to because you hear every detail of the sound, even if you play at low volume. When playing loud you can enjoy the loudspeaker’s durability that easily allow loud music for many hours.

Suitable for all kinds of music

You get a feeling of being in close company with the music, whether you hear pop, rock, classical or jazz. In your home SA aura 10 will show its dynamic headroom by making the film’s special effects clearer and the dialogue easier to understand.

Can be used with almost all electronics

SA aura 10 makes no specific requirements for your music system, to give you good sound. The amplifier must only be of good quality and power output should be 50 watts or more.


Small speakers that lead technology

SA mastered the art of creating big sound, long before other brands.

While other brands built large and complicated speakers, SA presented in 1984 a small speaker with an unusually big sound. At that time it was unusual to work with big sound from small speakers. Today, SA is respected for pioneering modern loudspeakers. SA delivers a unique sound quality compared to other speakers of similar size.


Technical specifications


Dimensions (WxHxD) cm: 14.5 x 38 x 24

Recommended amplifier: min. 50 Watts

Recommended placement: by wall, on shelf, in bookcase, on speaker stand

Finish: white satin, ebony, black ash

Power handling: 125 Watts

Frequency range + / – 3 dB: 50-35.000 Hz

Impedance: 4-8 ohms

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