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psb CS630 upotettava kaiutin

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Tuotekoodi: CS630


Laadukas 2-tie upotettava kaiutin stereo ja surround -käyttöön.

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Laadukas 2-tie upotettava kaiutin stereo ja surround -käyttöön.


This superb group of architectural speakers embody over 40 years of cutting edge research in the field of acoustics and loudspeaker design. Musical, refined, and nearly invisible, these speakers can create a beautiful ambience, even in larger spaces. Because their sonic signature is identical to other PSB speakers, these CS600’s can integrate perfectly as part of home theatres or as the soundtrack of the connected home. Since PSB has in-room, on-wall, outdoor, in-wall and in-ceiling designs at many different price points, it makes it easy to specify an audio system that you know will turn out right, be easy to specify and install, and will absolutely thrill even your most discriminating clients.


There are three models in this series, and all feature frameless magnetic grilles with invisible scrims. Both round and square grilles are provided, simplifying and reducing your inventory requirements. Each model features an improved, simple, foolproof mounting system using heavy duty doglegs. Cutting templates are included. Pre-construction brackets and backcans are also available.


CS630 Stereo/Surround Speaker


This excellent performer features a dual voice coil equipped version of the CS610 woofer and a pair of aluminium dome tweeters. This versatile speaker allows stereo sound in small spaces like bathrooms and hallways, and can also be used as surround effects speakers in home theatres. The tweeter array can be rotated after installation to get the best high frequency coverage, and like the CS650 there is a tweeter and woofer level control for final adjustment. Because there are two discrete channels, these can be wired as bipole, dipole, or even as surround plus surround rears in a 7.1 theatre!


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