Pro-Ject VTE-r levysoitin pystyasennukseen

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Innovatiivinen Pro-Ject vinyylisoitin joka asennetaan pystyyn, tason päälle tai seinälle. Plug & Play.


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339,00 €

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Audiophile “Plug & Play” turntable with easiest possible vertical set-up including wall-mount option! 


A turntable set-up does not need to be complicated like rocket-science, our VTE turntable proves that. This good sounding belt-driven deck offers 2 versions for left– and right-handed users.

The VTE turntable can be positioned on a table or mounted on a wall.

The fastest installation process is made possible, because it comes pre-adjusted out of the box.

No further set-up is needed. Tracking force and anti-skating are carefully set.

The turntable is available in black matt or white matt colour.


Vertical „Plug & Play“ turntable 


  • Vertical standing or wall mount option included 
  • Choose “r” (right-handed) or “l” (left-handed) version 
  • Instant playback with super-easy setup 
  • Record clamp for secure record fixing 
  • Belt drive with silicone belt 
  • Low vibration synchronous motor & DC power supply 
  • 8,6” aluminium tonearm 
  • Ortofon OM5e cartridge, pre-mounted 
  • Pre-adjusted tracking force & anti-skating force 
  • Special mechanism for perfect tracking in vertical position 
  • Pre-mounted gold-plated RCA interconnect cable 
  • Colour options: Black matt, White matt




Speed 33, 45 (manual speed change) 

Principle belt drive 

Speed variance 33: 0,14% 45: 0,25% 

Wow & flutter 0,12% 

Platter 300mm MDF with felt mat (0,8kg) 

Main bearing stainless steel 

Tonearm 8,6” aluminium 

Effective arm length 218,5 mm 

Overhang 22,0mm 

Effective tonearm mass 8,0gr 

Counterweight for mass 3 - 5,5g (included) 

Tracking force range 0 - 25mN (OM5 18mN pre-adjusted) 

Included accessory power supply, record clamp 

Power consumption 4,5 watts 

Dimensions 420 x 112 x 330mm (WxHxD) 

Weight 3,6 kg net 

Valmistaja Pro-Ject Audio Systems, Itävalta
Takuuaika kk 24
Nettopaino 3.6

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