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Pro-Ject vetohihna RPM High End 1940675050

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EAN: 1940675050
Tuotekoodi: BELTRPM


Pro-Ject levysoittimen vetohihna, soveltuu osaan Pro-Ject RPM High End malleille. Soveltuvuudet löytyvät "Lisätietoa" kentästä.



Oheisesta listasta löydät Pro-Ject levysoitinmallit mihin tämä vetohihna soveltuu.


Drive Belts are used on all Pro-Ject turntables as the method by which the turntable platter rotates. In many cases the belt turns a sub-platter, which sits underneath the main platter - like with the multi-award winning Debut record player. However, there are also other turntables that use a belt which reaches around the perimeter of the main platter itself - avoiding the need for a sub-platter. All Pro-Ject drive belts are made of the highest quality materials, and are optimised to work with certain turntables from the Pro-Ject range.

To extend the life of your drive belt, avoid touching it with your hands as much as possible. Once mounted, use the Speed Key provided with Pro-Ject turntables to change the rung of the pulley.

It is important that you source the correct belt for your turntable. Find the right belt for your turntable below, and select to purchase it by using the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page.


High-End RPM vetohihna   Part Code: 1940 675 050

  • RPM 9.1X (n/c) - ACRYL - 9120007682274
    RPM 9.1X-9CC-EVO-VALENCIA - 9120035826787
    RPM 9.2 EVOLUTION (n/c) - ANTHRAZIT - 9120035820976 
    • RPM 10
    • RPM 10.1 Evolution
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