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Pro-Ject USB Box S

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D/A –muunnin tietokoneen äänikortista liittämiseen USB:n kautta

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Special Price 69,00 €

Regular Price: 105,00 €

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USB D/A-muunnin  tietokoneen liittämiseen


USB Box S with Pro-Ject Direct Streaming: digital music without resampling!  

Windows computer systems normally resample music from CD with Windows Kernel mixer. This conversion deteriorates the audio performance. Pro-Ject Direct Streaming allows bit-by-bit processing. This avoids unwanted signal alteration of the signal by-passing the Windows Kernel mixer. For replay a suitable software players, like foobar 2000, is needed.  



Suitable for high-resolution Audio



• High quality D/A conversion with USB  

• Compatible with Windows®, MacOS® & Linux  

• Automatic detection without the need of additional software,  

  when used with conventional computer systems  

• Powered via USB  

• SMD technology for shortest signal paths  

• NEW! Faceplate in new „S“ design  

• Gold-plated RCA sockets  

• Output stage with ultra-low impedance  

• Available in silver 


Technical data

Pro-Ject USB Box S

Line-level output 1 pair RCA/Phono sockets
Output voltage 0,775Veff
D/A converter Burr Brown 2702E, 16-Bit Delta Sigma
Sampling rate 44,1 kHz
USB input digital serial data protocol USB 1.1
Operating systems Windows®, MacOS® & Linux
Dimensions W x H x D 103 x 36 x 103 (109 mm with sockets)
Weight 540g
Valmistaja Pro-Ject Audio Systems, Itävalta
Takuuaika kk 24

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