Pro-Ject Sub 50 subwoofer

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Pieni, nätti ja tehokas subwoofer.

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319,00 €

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Sub Box 50 - Small and powerful  


Sub Box 50 is our first endeavour into the subwoofer market. With its impressively small formfactor it fits in any room, but don‘t let the size fool you. Sub Box 50 packs a powerful and dynamic sound that will fill your listening experience with body and emotion. The high quality MDF chassis is rigid and robust, guaranteeing a long lasting life. The multiple inputs let you connect Sub Box 50 to many different sources. A special high level input can be used for power amplifiers, it makes an even more convincing sound possible, as it offers optimum characteristic matching with the speakers. The crossover frequency can be set in nine steps, adjusting to your preference. The automatic amplifier mode turns the subwoofer on as soon as there is a signal at any input present. It will automatically put the subwoofer into stand by mode if there hasn‘t been an active signal for 10 minutes.  

The high feature set and outstanding sound quality make Sub Box 50 a real high end bargain.  


• Audiophile subwoofer  

• Full sound for any room  

• Compact size  

• Perfect companion for Speaker Box 5 and 10  

• Low and high level input  

• Three amplifier modes  

• Down-firing bass driver  

• Metal back plate  

• Ultra stiff non resonating MDF cabinet  

• High gloss colors: White, Black and Red  



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