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Vinyyli LP; Gustav Mahler - Symphony No.2 (Vienna Philharmonic) 2 LP

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We are very happy to announce an exclusive cooperation between the Vienna Philharmonics and Pro-Ject Audio Systems.

‎According to the 80th birthday of the famous master Zubin Mehta, together with the Vienna Philharmonics, we are able to offer one of the best ever recording of this world famous orchestra!

Mahlers No 2 Symphony.

A dramatic recording which shows all the glory of analogue music reproduction at its best.

On top it is remastered from the original EMI tape at Abbey Road studios in London!




Vinyl DLP: 

Gustav Mahler – Symphony N°2 


Ultimate Mahler on vinyl with one of the best performances ever! 


To celebrate Zubin Mehta's 80th birthday, Decca (Universal Music) proudly presents iconic Zubin Mehta albums in cooperation with The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and Pro-Ject Audio Systems. A must-have for music fans of the analogue era back on heavy-weight vinyl. Presented with original artwork, this recording has been carefully mastered from the original Decca analogue tapes at Abbey Road Stu-dios. 

This is probably Mehta's finest Mahler album ever. The first movement is very dramatic. Mehta opens with a very tense, brisk tempo. Mehta never rushes, but never drags. The timpani is very well-defined, however not overpowering, throughout the movement, as well as throughout the entire disc.The Andante is played very well. The phrasing is wonderful. The Scherzo starts out the best I have ever heard. Two crisp, crystal clear Timpani strikes. Then the next 2 are softer, then the next 2 are even softer, which gives it an amazing affect. 

Then to the Urlicht. Mehta's slower tempo just adds to the heartbreaking beauty. Add to that the gorgeous singing of Ileana Contrubas and you have got a winning combonation. To the massive finale where Mehta really triumphs. The tempi are perfect. Mehta builds the climaxes perfectly, never dragging. The brass play superbly! I heard some of the lower brass instruments in this movement that I didn't even hear before in my other recordings. Very impressive. When the chorus enters, just listen to the bass singers! Spectacular. The enti-re chorus sounds heaven-sent. Contrubas and Ludwig sing crystal clear and beautifully. The organ is heard very clearly. The combonati-on of perfect tempi, magnificent signing and ultra-vituostic playing make the finale one of the most moving pieces of music you will ever hear. 

This recording has everything you could possibly ask for. Mehta's perfect tempi, great signing by Contrubas, Ludwig, and the Vienna Staatsopernchor. The Vienna Philharmonic, particularly the brass, play just like the virtuostic ensemble that they are. Go and get it ASAP. 



  The Vienna Philharmonic conducted by Zubin Mehta 

  Limited edition (2000 copies worldwide) 

  2x 180gr heavyweight virgin vinyl 

  Original gatefold cover 

  Audiophile sound experience 

  Remastered From Original Decca Analogue Tapes at Abbey Road Studios 

  ℗ 1975 The Decca Record Company Limited, London 

  In celebration of Zubin Mehtas 80th birthday 

  Includes voucher for free download of digital copy 




Wiener Philharmooniker 

Conductor: Zubin Mehta 

LP 1 

Side A: 

1. Allegro maestoso. Mit durchaus ernstem und feierlichem Aus-druck 

2. Andante moderato. Sehr gemachlich 

Side B: 

3. Scherzo: In ruhig fliessender Bewegung 

4. O Roschen rot! Der Mensch liegt in grosster Not! 

LP 2 

Side C: 

5. Part 1: I'm Tempo Des Scherzo, Wild Herausfahrend 

Side D: 

5. Conclusion: Sehr Langsam Und Gedehnt 


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