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RipNAS Solid E4

1 495,00 €


High End Ripperi & DLNA striimeri

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1 495,00 €



The RipNAS Solid E4 is a highend CD Ripper with a Profi drive. Massive heatsinks are hidden inside the chassis and ensure optimal cooling and super silent operation with a decent and modest design. If you need to rip many CDs, then the RipNAS Solid is your perfect choice.


Supports 32BIT/384KHz with M2TECH DACs.


The RipNAS Solid E also has EasyRestore inside: if you make wrong settings, you can restore to factory defaults with one click only.

RipNAS is Plug and Play solution and is very easy to use:


  • Zero Configuration — Plug and play solution out of the box
  • Automated daily backup — just add external USB drive
  • Web browser access — simple control from any browser
  • Auto network share — part of plug and play
  • MAC, Linux, Windows compatible — all bases covered
  • Linn, Sonos, Logitech, iTunes and UPnP compatible
  • Metadata from 5 databases (AMG, GD3, MusicBrainz, SonataDB & freedb)
  • SACDs in CD quality
  • KODI supporting UPnP and AirPlay

With fanless design the RipNAS is more reliable and noiseless. It has a very small form factor and a very low power consumption!



>> 5.25" modified Profi Drive with C2 correction
>> fast and powersaving AMD Dual Core
>> HDMI output


>> Windows Home Server 2011
>> dBpoweramp Ripping Engine R14
>> Asset UPNP R4
>> AccurateRip & C2 correction
>> PerfectMeta with 5 databases
>> Multi-Encoder ripping 2 formats at the same time
>> KODI* supporting UPnP and AirPlay


Installed Language Packages: English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Suomi, Hungarian, Italien, Polish and Dannish. Other Languages can be downloaded.


Recommended accessories:

>> HFX zonee
>> Squeezebox network player
>> SONOS network player
>> UPNP network player (Linn, Naim, NAD, Ayon, MOON MiND)
>> HFX CinePlay
Any device with Windows can also stream from the RipNAS


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