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1 099,00 €

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Expressive Voice, Superb Balance


The Imagine B Bookshelf Speakers is the little brother to the Imagine T Tower Speaker, although not so little when it comes to the detail these speakers can bring out of your favourite music. Not only is this speaker an amazing performer, it has the looks to back it up. Every vertical face of the Imagine B is elegantly curved to make this speaker - and by extension the whole Imagine lineup - some of the best looking speakers you will ever see.


An Amazing Performer at Any Size

The PSB Imagine B Bookshelf Loudspeaker is the little brother to the Imagine T tower, although it's not so little when it comes to the detail this speaker can bring out of your favorite music.

Stereophile magazine honored the Imagine B by including it in its "Recommended Components" list for 2013. "PSB's Imagine B offers excellent measure performance that is commendable at any price," reported the magazine. "PSB rules."

The Absolute Sound magazine honored the Imagine B with an Editors' Choice Award for 2013. "Think Imagine T minus a midbass driver and a floorstanding enclosure. There's the same voice in the expressive midrange and treble and, with only minor exceptions, the same superb balance," said the magazine.


Suited for "Rock Legend Levels"


"I continue to marvel at the sheer linear output PSB is getting from this modest enclosure and midbass driver," notes Neil Gader in his January 2009 review for The Absolute Sound magazine. "Even at near rock-legend levels, the little B remains unperturbed."

Not only is the Imagine B an amazing performer, it has the looks to back it up. Every vertical face of the Imagine B is elegantly curved to make this one of the best looking speakers you will ever see.

The Imagine B boasts a 5-1/4" clay/ceramic filled polypropylene cone with rubber surround and a 1" titanium dome tweeter with ferrofluid for outstanding full-frequency performance.


The PSB Imagine Series


The PSB Imagine models challenge expectations of just how an affordable high-end loudspeaker can look, and of the quality standards to which they can be crafted.

With the Imagine series, PSB has taken the hard-won knowledge and technical accomplishments it achieved in the rigorous and costly three-year development process of flagship PSB Synchrony line to create four models of refreshingly affordable speakers that reach remarkable heights of performance.


All New, Purpose-Driven Drivers


An all-new family of purpose-designed drivers results in clear midrange presence, uncluttered bass, extended smooth highs, and high power handling. All four Imagine models share a common driver family, with an all-new, very high-output 5.25-inch woofer, and an impressively wide-band and ultra-accurate, titanium-dome 1-inch tweeter inspired by the amazing performance of the Synchrony high-frequency unit.


Ceramic-filled Polypropylene Woofers


The PSB Imagine woofers incorporate injection-molded diaphragms of a proprietary, ceramic-filled polypropylene that delivers a unique union of stiffness, inherent internal damping, and amazingly low mass. A highly efficient motor system’s unique compound magnet structure in essence 'forces' the driver into delivering higher sensitivity at declining frequencies, effectively extending response at no penalty in size or system efficiency.

The woofer’s molded-polycarbonate basket contributes ideal stiffness and aerodynamics as well as complete magnetic indifference, while its bullet-shaped aluminum phase-plug (a frank borrowing from the Synchrony design portfolio) enhances linearity at higher frequencies and measurably lowers distortion.


Highly Linear, Remarkably Efficient Tweeter


The Imagine tweeter, also common to all models, exploits an advanced, highly linear, and remarkably efficient neodymium-magnet design (again, Synchrony-derived). It helps to extend output at both frequency extremes for effortless, airy top octaves and smooth, uncolored response through the critical crossover region coupled with high power handling.


Compound-Curved Cabinets


'Cathedral' matched wood veneers and timbre-matched designs ensure the best in looks and sonics. Imagine includes a new method of cabinet construction combining the precision of computer-controlled machining with the irreplaceable touch of hand craftsmanship.

Compound-curved on every vertical face and heavily braced internally, each Imagine enclosure is impressively solid and acoustically inert. Their precisely radiused, unbroken baffles - a full 1.5-inches thick - and flush, fastener-less driver mounts promote singularly smooth, ripple-free high-frequency response and carefully calculated horizontal dispersion.


Advanced Crossover


Like nearly every PSB Speaker design, the Imagine networks employ fourth-order acoustic Linkwitz-Reilly crossover topology. It combines discrete drivers into cohesive acoustic entities with minimal impact in either amplitude domain (frequency-response) or that of time (phase-response).


Select Components and Careful Layout


Select components and careful layout maximize signal transfer and keep static and dynamic distortions well below meaningful limits. Heavy, all-metal multiway binding posts on all Imagine models accept bare wire (up to 10-gauge), lugs, banana plugs, open and closed spades, and enable bi-wiring or bi-amplifying.

The Imagine B has a recommended power of 20-150 watts, frequency response of 55–23,000 Hz, 89 dB sensitivity, and measures 7-1⁄2" wide, 13" high, and 12" deep.

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