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Tuotekoodi: MT1


Media striimeri MDC moduli. Spotify Connect, vTuner nettiradio, DLNA striimaus, NAD käyttö apsi. Tuotteille NAD C356BEE ja C375BEE.

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The NAD MDC MT1 Media Tuner is an innovative module that slots into the MDC port of all C 356BEE and C 375BEE Integrated Amplifiers to bring them right up to date with the latest in digital music streaming, plus Internet radio and Spotify Connect™. The DAC technology inside is pure NAD, offering the warm musical experience that listeners love to hear. Supporting Wi-Fi connection, the MDC MT 1 is also a UPnP client, making it the easiest and best sounding way to get music to your NAD C 356BEE or C 375BEE from your NAS! You can even sync multiple MDC MT1-installed C 356BEE or C 375BEE amplifiers for wireless multi-room capability!


> Music Streaming

With Spotify Connect™, the MDC MT1 Media Tuner offers a home audio experience with simple hassle-free music control and instant access to millions of songs. Spotify Connect allows you to playback music using any smart device or computer to the MT1 with the uncompromising performance of your hi-fi system. vTuner™ Internet radio gives you access to thousands of radio stations with all kinds of music and podcasts from all over the world. As a UPnP Client, the MDC MT1 is capable of streaming content from a UPnP capable computer or NAS server straight to your C 356BEE or C 375BEE.

> Get the App!

Control and setup the NAD MDC MT1 with the free and easy-to-use NAD Media Tuner App, available for Apple iOS and Android devices. To experience Spotify Connect, get the Spotify app/Premium free trial at spotify.com/ connect.

Android version: Here 
iOS version: Here



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